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Goalscorer Betting

Goalscorer betting is a type of football betting and is where the punter backs a particular player to either the first/last goal of the game, or to score anytime.

There are three types of goalscorer betting available:

First Goalscorer Betting

This is where the punter backs a player to score the first goal of the game. If a player starts on the bench, and comes on after the first goal of the game has been scored, the bet will be voided and refunded (as he hasn’t had the opportunity to score the first goal).

If the player comes on whilst the game is at 0-0 however, then the bet stands, even if he comes on in stoppage time and doesn’t even touch the ball!

Last Goalscorer Betting

Similar to first goalscorer Betting, this is where you can place a bet for a player to score the last goal of the game, regardless of the score. Even if your player starts on the bench, and comes on when the game is 3-3, but then scores it is still a winning bet!

The odds for the last goalscorer are the same as they are for first goalscorers. For example if Wayne Rooney is 9/2 to score the first goal, he will also be 9/2 to score the last goal, but they are treated as individual bets.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting

This is where the punter has the opportunity to place a bet on a player to score at anytime in the game. So for example if a game finishes 3-0 and your bet is on the player that scored the 2nd goal of the game (ie not the first, not the last) the bet is still a winning one. The odds therefore are less then the first/last goalscorer markets for this reason, but is of course more likely to happen.

Which Bookmakers Offer Goalscorer Betting?

All the top bookmakers offer Goalscorer betting on all their football games, but Paddy Power and Bet365 often have some of the best cashbacks and promotions on this type of football bet. For example Paddy Power often offer a refund if if a nominated player scores the first or last goal of the game. They famously refunded over £3m worth of bets in the 2011 Champions League final when Lionel Messi scored.

First Goalscorer Betting Examples

William Hill offer a first goalscorer market on a Premier League match between Manchester Utd and Liverpool. They are offering odds of 4/1 on Wayne Rooney scoring first, so if a punter places a £10 bet on this outcome and he does score the first goal of the game, regardless of the final score, the punter will be paid out £50.

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